How to take medicine?

Pills Bottle:

The pills in the bottle should be taken 3 times a day, as directed on the label of the bottle.

If you received 4 large bottles 1small:

Finish small bottle in 1st day of course start

From day 2 continue below dose till 29 days

  • Take 3 pills from bottle number 1 in the Morning
  • Take 3 pills from bottle number 2 in the Noon
  • Take 3 pills from bottle number 3 at Bed Time


The paper wrapped powder packets are the Booster doses. The dosage is one packet only in a week. Consume the whole packet. No water or Milk to be added. If you received 4 packets:

  • Take one packet every week.
  • Example: If you started your packet dose on a Sunday, take the 2nd packet the coming Sunday and so on.
  • If your course includes powder & pills then 1st start with powder and then start taking pills from the next day onwards.
  • Do not take your pills bottle on the day you took the packet dose. Continue your pills bottle from the next day.

Liquid Bottle (Internal):

The bottle containing Homeopathic medication in liquid form is Mother Tincture, which is brown in color. Dosage instructions are provided on the bottle. Put 15 drops of medicine in half cup water and drink it.

Liquid Bottle (External)

The external liquid remedies have to be applied on the affected area as directed and not to be consumed.

External Sprays

  • In certain cases, we also provide external spays to be applied separately.
  • The external sprays have to sprayed externally on the affected areas as directed by the doctor.
  • The frequency of the spray has to be taken as per the instructions of the physician.

Door step/Home Consulting

Patients who cannot come to consult us at hospital – The concept of Homeopathic Home Care for the needy is really divine and equally true for them!!

For Advanced Incurable and Physically Disabled cases – We provide Homeopathic door step and comfort as a part of our Homeopathic services towards the suffering in Humanity!

Excellent Case management & Regular Home Visits for the follow up’s are carried out by the Dr.Dhanajay Pawal.

“Homeopathy on Wheels” – A kind of Mobile Homeopathic OPD with a team of Dedicated Homeopaths, is our dream to create which will not only make itself available for Homeopathic Home Care but also for the poorest poor of the country as a part of our services to Humanity with Homeopathy.

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